Don't you hate it when someone sends you an e-mail that has been forwarded so many times that it has more greater than signs (>) than it does text? Even if the content of the e-mail is really good, they are so difficult to read that many people just delete them, thinking that they aren't worth the time. If the e-mail is to continue, the messiness has to stop somewhere and is where it stops.

We wrote this little JavaScript utility to make it easier for people to clean up their e-mail before they forward them on to someone else. It will automatically remove all greater than signs, less than signs, and leading spaces. Just follow these simple instructions and you will be on your way to sending nice clean e-mail, and your friends and family will really appreciate it.

1) Open the e-mail that you are wanting to forward.
2) Using the mouse, select, or 'highlight', the actual text that you want to forward. Be careful not to select any of the header information such as e-mail addresses, subject lines, or dates. SELECT THE TEXT ONLY!
3) Copy the selected text to the clipboard by moving your mouse over the selected text, click the right mouse button, and then click on "Copy".
4) Come to this web page at You may want to Bookmark it or place it in your Favorites.
5) Place your mouse in the box below, click the right mouse button, and then click on "Paste".

6) If you have followed directions so far, the part of the e-mail that you want to forward should be in the box above.
7) Click on the magic button below that says "Clean It Up!". Depending on the speed of your computer and the length of the amyl, it may take a few seconds to do it's work.

8) A much cleaner version of your e-mail should appear in the box below.

9) Click on the "Highlight All" button below to select the newer cleaner e-mail.

10) Move your mouse over the selected text in the box above and click the right mouse button, and then click on "Copy" from the menu that appears. The new e-mail has been copied to your clipboard.
11) Now go back to your e-mail program and paste this into a NEW e-maill message.
12) This JavaScript program won't fix everything (for example, some line breaks may be in the wrong place) but things will still be much easier to read and you may be able to easily fix the other formatting problems.
13) Send the e-mail to everyone that you think will enjoy it!

After you have used this a time or two, you will see that it is quite simple and if you really do like the people that you are forwarding e-mail to, it is worth the effort. Basically it is just Copy, Paste, Click, Click, Copy, Paste. What could be easier?

If you have questions or comments about the e-mail Cleaner,
please e-mail them to