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My Second Week on Ritalin

This is the follow-up post to last week’s post on my first week on Ritalin.
I was teaching a SharePoint Training Class in Chicago for most of this week. I feel like I’m on top of my game when I’m teaching, so the thought had occurred to me that maybe I shouldn’t take my “power pellets” [...]


My Travel Tips

I travel quite a bit for business–typically about 15 to 20 trips each year. I’ve learned a lot about how to make traveling (and especially flying) easier. I’ve been meaning to document my tips for a long time but never have. Finally, here it is.
My general travel philosophy is that there is a careful balance [...]


Step-by-Step with Google Cloud Print to FedEx Office

Yesterday Google announced they added the Print to FedEx Office option to the Google Cloud Print service. Last fall I bought a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 scanner (which I absolutely love) and I’ve been slowly working towards a more paperless office. I don’t use a lot of paper, but sometimes it’s still a necessary evil. When [...]


My First Week on Ritalin

It has been right at one year since I was diagnosed with Inattentive ADHD. My psychologist told me that he felt that although ADHD is the reason for many of the difficulties that I’ve been experiencing, it’s also the reason for much of my success in life as well. He said it has been a [...]


Two Techniques for Getting Started and Maintaining Focus

Two of the biggest obstacles for those of us with adult ADHD is the ability to get started on a task and to maintain focus on that task once we’ve started it. If it’s interesting and easy we probably don’t have problems getting started and sometimes our ability to hyperfocus on the task will kick [...]


My Path Elements Profile Indicates That I’m an Earth-Water

One of the people I follow in Twitter is author and speaker Laurie Beth Jones (@LairieBethJones). She’s written many best-selling Christian self-improvement books such as: Jesus, Life Coach; Jesus, CEO; Jesus, Career Counselor; Jesus in Blue Jeans; and The Four Elements of Success.
I was introduced to her work about 8 years ago when I read [...]


What Will I Remember in Five Years?

A couple weeks ago I had some work that I really, really needed to get done. I was way behind schedule and my deadline was the next day. Ugh!
That afternoon, a good friend sent me an Instant Message inviting me to a concert.  I typed my reply, “I really wish I could, but I’ve got [...]


A Recurring Dream Theme and My ADHD Diagnosis

In my last post, I shared about how I don’t feel that an ADHD diagnosis is a disability, but rather it is incredibly liberating. In case you haven’t read that post already, here is the portion where I talk about this:
Let me begin by saying that there is something very liberating about my diagnosis. I [...]


Hey! I’m not Depressed! :-) I Have ADHD!

Many of you will remember the post I wrote last year where I came out about suffering from Depression. I never provided any updates about my condition after that though.
The condensed version is that a few months ago I was clinically diagnosed with ADHD instead of depression. This was a complete surprise to me, but [...]


The Beauty of Death and Decay

Do you really enjoy the fall?
Do you really enjoy looking at the autumn leaves? (While they’re still in the trees, not while you’re raking them in your yard?)
A few weeks ago, my Sunday school teacher and I were talking briefly before class about how nice it is this time of year. In that conversation I [...]

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