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My Third Week on Ritalin

If you haven’t already read them, you may want to begin with my posts about My First Week on Ritalin and My Second Week on Ritalin.

The big experiment for me this week was to try taking two pills in the morning—my doctor prescribed either one or two each morning. I did this for only two days and didn’t have a good experience at all. I felt very nervous and kind of light-headed all morning long and my afternoon crash was much worse than with only one. One day I had no caffeine and the second day I consumed my regular amount of caffeine and things were about the same both days. I couldn’t function well at all on that level of medication so I decided to go back to just on 20mg tablet a day.

In general I continued to have the same experience as in previous weeks. I was able to focus better and generally felt more positive and outgoing–the “subtle but significant” changes I’ve blogged about before. One day had some contracts to read and I noticed that I was able to focus and understand them much more easily than usual. I typically have to read, re-read, and sometimes re-read a paragraph yet again in a contract to understand it. A coworker even told me he had a hard time with those contracts so I felt that was a very positive thing.

On Sunday I didn’t feel like I took a pill at all. I woke up hyper-focusing on some negative things and noticed it was easier to ignore them right after taking my pill. Then it soon started back again. I wasn’t able to focus much in church either and I felt very frustrated most of the day. I didn’t experience the afternoon crash either. It was as if I hadn’t taken a pill at all that day.

I didn’t get in much exercise this week, so that could have been a factor on Sunday as well. I did work outside around the house installing new shutters and window boxes on the house, so that was physical, but not as exhausting as my usual hikes.

I was able to continue strictly on my high-protein/low-carbohydrate style of eating this week. I only reduced my weight by two-pounds, which was a little frustrating after the six-pound reduction last week, but that’s OK. We’ll see how next week goes. I do think the Ritalin strengthens my willpower in that area.

I’m teaching a SharePoint training class in Dallas, TX this week, so next week’s post may be brief as well since I don’t feel like I need any extra help when I’m teaching. I go back to my doctor next Monday and we’ll see if he wants me to stay on the same medication at the same level, wants me to add an afternoon dose, wants me to try a different medication, or wants to do something else. So I should at least have that to report.

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