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iPhone Apps and Android Apps I Would Like to See

I purchased a Motorola Droid back in November and I absolutely love the phone. Although I am a developer, time just doesn’t allow me to create everything that I would like to create. So, I’m passing along some of my ideas to you, absolutely free! If you see an idea here you like, feel free to run with it. Ideas are a dime a dozen and practically worthless. The value in ideas comes only from execution. Hopefully some of my readers will execute some of these ideas.

Flight Path – I fly quite a bit and I always try to get a window seat because I love looking out the window and admiring God’s magnificent creation. However, I’m always wondering which lake, river, mountain, city, or other landmark I’m looking at. I would love to see an app that would use the built-in GPS (which is allowed to be used on many flights) to display a map of prominent landmarks that are visible from the current altitude. I realize that until Internet is available in the air on all flights that maps will need to be stored on the device. It would also be nice if notes could be made so I could look up information about a landmark later, or even at the moment if I had in-flght WiFi.

Jigsaw Puzzle Helper – Have you ever been working on a jigsaw puzzle and wondered exactly where a piece goes. I think it would be cool if a user could take a picture of the completed puzzle on the box top and then take a picture of particular puzzle piece and the app would then show where in the picture that particular piece would go.

Radio Now – I have very eclectic tastes in music. I would love to see an app that showed me a list of stations that should be available in my current area (using the GPS and station tower location and power). The app should also display the format of each station and what song and artist is currently playing. Some of this data could potentially come from station Twitter feeds.

Airport Guide – Since I fly often, it would be nice to have guides to all the major airports in my phone. Show a map of each airport along with gate locations and the locations of stores and restaurants. It could use the built-in GPS to show me my location in the airport and the fastest way to get to a certain gate.

Email Voice Reader – I have the windshield mount for my Droid, which really helps when using the built-in GPS Navigation tools. One feature that I would like to see added is that when the Droid is in this dock, and an email arrives, I would love to see in really large letters the subject of the email and who it is from along with two buttons to ‘Read’ or ‘Ignore’. If I clicked on the ‘Read’ button then the phone would use text-to-speech to read the email to me. This would allow me to keep up with incoming messages without taking my eyes off the road.

Location-Based Alarms – I love the Locale app that allows me to make my phone behave in different ways depending on my location (for example, when I’m at church or the library it automatically switches to silent vibrate mode). I would love to be able to get alarms and notifications when I’m in certain locations though. For example, if I needed to pick up something at a particular store, as soon as I was near the store I would get an alarm reminding me to do whatever I needed to do in that location.

USB Direct – I would love it if the USB port could talk to other USB devices. For example, if there was an adapter I could plug a USB thumb drive into to move data between it and the phone.

It’s possible that some of these apps already exist for the iPhone (I wouldn’t know since I don’t own one) or even for Android and I just haven’t discovered them yet. If you know that apps like this exist, please let us know in the comments.

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    2/26/2010 at 11:42 pm

    Locale supports this via Astrid’s Locale Plug-in. Just download Astrid from the Android Market.

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