Business Idea: Nostalgiac Calendars

Ideas are a dime a dozen. That means that the average idea is worth less than a penny. the value in any idea lies in the execution of the idea.

I’m an idea generator. I generate lots of ideas–constantly. Many of these are ideas for new products, enhancements to products, and sometimes even full business ideas.

I keep lists of many of my ideas. I’m sure that I miss the opportunity to document many of them, but I do make notes about any ideas I think I may want to begin executing at a later time. I also make notes of ideas that I may want to share with other people.

As I reviewed many of my idea lists while setting my goals for 2010, I realized that it’s time to start sharing some of those ideas with others. After all, each one of them is only worth less than $.01 as long as no one is executing it. It’s rather stingy of me to hang on to all these pennies when there are people in the world who are just looking for the perfect penny–a penny only they can invest and turn it into much more.

So, I’m going to begin sharing a lot of those ideas here on my blog in a new category named, Ideas. I hope that some of my readers will take these ideas and run with them. Feel free to comment on the ideas and add to them.

I can’t guarantee that non of these ideas have been done before but only that it’s an idea that occurred to me that I wanted to share with you. Good luck!

It occurred to me this morning that calendars repeat themselves. 2010 began on a Friday and it’s not a leap year. Every other non-leap-year year that began on a Friday had the same calendar dates that we will have this year. The dates in 2010 are the same as they were in 1999 and 1993. This also means that 2021 and 2027 will have the same arrangement of days we have this year.

It seems that people are always interested in things from their past–you can call it nostalgia, antiques, or retro; and people are willing to pay good money for things from their past, or that remind them of their past.

Although many of us have made the switch to electronic calendars, we still often keep a wall or desk calendar nearby for quick and easy access. I don’t see this trend totally going away. In fact, printed calendars still seem to be a very big business. Companies that don’t sell all their 2010 calendars within the next couple weeks will probably discard them entirely.

Since calendars can be very cheap over the next few weeks, my idea is to purchase a number of popular calendars (with themes like movies, television shows, popular people, etc..–you know, those things that really define our time) and then store them in mint condition until 2021 or 2027. Calendars can probably be purchased for a dollar or less each since the year has already began.

In 2021 or 2027, these calendars will have an appeal again. It’s an interesting conversation piece to have a calendar on your wall that is 11 or 17 years old, yet still accurate. It can help people connect with their younger years as well. And people are willing to pay a premium to have this type of item in their home or office. So, that calendar that originally sold for $15 or $20 that you picked up for $1 or $.50 can now be sold for $40 to $50. I know that 11 or 17 years seems like a long time to wait on this kind of investment, but I think it can have a good return for someone that willings to try it and execute the business of marketing and selling them at the right time.

What do you think?

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