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A Blog Dare for Brad Isaac

I’ve never issued a blog dare from my blog before, but since Brad essentially dared me to dare him, I just had to do it. :)

Here’s the brief exchange between us from my post on Make a Poor Man’s Desktop Writeboard for Under a Buck!

# Brad Isaac Says:

Your writeboard looks great!

I am not sure I need one, but it looks like a fun project. Did you use a blow torch to melt the plastic into shape?

#rickyspears Says:
Brad – You’re joking about the blow torch, right? It’s just a standard el cheapo acrylic picture frame that is laying on it’s back.

#Brad Isaac Says:
Nope, not joking at all! I’ll post some pictures of my homemade laptop cooler if you DARE challenge me. It’s made of plexiglass I had to blowtorch to melt into shape. :)

#rickyspears Says:
Brad – You’re on! I’m posting the dare now…

Well Brad, I don’t know that I need to make a laptop cooler, but I’ve just got to see the pictures and hear about the project. I dare you to post ‘em!

Oh no, what have we just started with these blog dares? This could get out of control…

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    rickyspears Says:

    Brad posted his reply, but for some reason the trackback didn’t seem to work so here’s the link:
    Productivity Nerds with Weapons: Ricky Spears Challenges Me To a Blowtorch Showdown…

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