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July 2007


How to Identify North Carolina Snakes

Note (September 26, 2011): I wrote this post several years ago and readers will sometimes email me asking me to identify snakes for them. I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT SNAKES! That’s why I wrote this: because I found a…


Blog Redesign

This blog has had the same design for over 3 years, and it was long over due for a change. I’ve been working on the redesign for the past couple weeks, and I’m finally ready to unveil it. Although…


The Power of Envisioning Wild Success

My friend, Brad Isaac just posted about 8 Proven Strategies For Defeating The Fear of Public Speaking and 4 Myths That Won’t. I especially like this one: 6. Picture a standing ovation – Ahhh the standing “O”. What a…


No Investment Equals No Interest

Brett Kelly over at The Cranking Widgets Blog, just wrote a good piece on Why Most People Don’t Care about GTD. Like Brett, I love sharing with other people how much the GTD methodologies have changed my life and…


Don’t NOT Talk to Strangers

I live in the somewhat small town of Thomasville, North Carolina (population ~20,000). Most of the people here are friendly and it’s not uncommon to strike up a conversation with someone you’re standing in line with at a store,…


Calculate Your Real Savings to Drive for Cheaper Gas

As gas prices continue to rise, it seems that automobile owners are more aggressively seeking out the stations that offer the cheapest price on gasoline. A number of web sites have risen in recent years to assist you with…