He’s My King!

I just received an email from David Owen, a good friend of mine and the pastor of Piney Grove Baptist Church in Acworth, Georgia. It included a link to a YouTube video of a sermon by the late S. M. Lockworth.

Frequent visitors to this blog know that I’m not ashamed of my relationship with Christ, but neither do I make a point of using my blog to push Him on others. Because I have an active relationship with Him, elements of that relationship naturally come out in my writing and conversation in much the same way that I naturally talk about my wife and friends.

This little 6-minute video really struck a chord with me though, and I just felt compelled to share it with you. I hope that you are drawn into His presence, just as I am, each time I listen to it. Note: You may want to turn your speakers down a little–the powerfulness of Shadrack’s voice can be a little startling at first. 🙂

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    Matthew Cornell
    8/1/2007 at 8:23 am

    I appreciate a) you feel strongly about your beliefs, and b) you don’t push them too hard. Otherwise, for me, religion gets in the way of getting to know a person. Thanks.

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    8/1/2007 at 9:01 am

    Matt – Thanks for the comment! I believe that you and I have gotten to know each other rather well as we’ve communicated over the yeras. I’m looking forward to actually meeting you in person one day. 🙂

    My hope is that as people get to know me, they will also get to know my God as He is reflected in me, in much the same way they get to know my wife and other friends as they get to know me. It should be a very natural thing as it’s a very natural relationship.

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    anderson love
    12/4/2007 at 10:05 pm

    i love the way he talks about my lord. i injoyed it very much.i play it over and over all the time.thats the same way i want to talk about my lord went i’m ordained as a minister. just brag about my lord. amen

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