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Building Habits with Paper Clips – Day 5

Well, it’s late in the evening on Day 5 and I hadn’t posted about my walking habit, so you probably thought that I had fallen off the wagon. It has been quite the opposite actually. Over the last two days I’ve walked much more, on purpose, than I ever expected. It seems that once you set you your mind to a goal, your mind over compensates and finds ways to make you even more successful than you imagined.

I’m teaching an Advanced SharePoint class in Naperville, Illinois this week. I usually prefer to travel as light as possible, so I normally don’t bring any extra clothes with me. Because I knew that I planned to walk for at least 45-minutes every day, this time I packed my walking shoes, some shorts, T-shirts, and atheletic socks.

Although I had walked in the thunder yesterday morning, I decided to put on my walking clothes and go explore the area after we finished setting up all our gear for the class. According to the Gmaps pedometer (Man, I love that tool!), I actually walked 5 miles. That was a total of 8 miles walking on purpose, not including all the walking around airports and other places.

My legs were really tired this morning, and I had to be in the classroom earlier than usual, so I decided not to walk. I knew that I would have to walk this evening though to keep up my progress towards my goal. Part of me wanted to say that because I walked extra the day before, I could slide on this day. The goal is to walk AT LEAST 45 minutes each day, so going over doesn’t count towards the goal for the next day.

I asked a friend if he wanted to walk with me and he thought that it sounded like a good idea. Someone had told him there were several nice restaurants about 3 miles up the road. So tonight, we walked a total of 6 miles. My friend walks at a faster pace than I normally do, so it was helpful to have him pushing me to excel more. On the return trip, my feet were getting really sore, my legs were really tired, and my back was really tight. I wanted to stop several times, but since my friend seemed fine, I just pushed on through. I’m really glad that I stuck with it though.

I didn’t bring my paper clip chain with me, but I’m looking forward to adding multiple links at once when I return home. Speaking of the paper clip chain, my friend Brad Isaac wrote a nice guest post over at on Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity secret. Jerry’s secret relates very well to the paper clip chain. If you’re intrigued by this motivational tool, you ought to check out his article.

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    7/26/2007 at 8:14 pm

    Ricky, you got me interested. I was going to do the paper clip thing, but then decided to use a different tool as well as only doing a one-month habit forming plan.

    I want to do Tai Chi Chih regularly, because I have done this years ago and found it very helpful. So, I am going to do it every day for the month of August. I began yesterday which will give me a bit more than 30 days. I’m using a picture of an August calendar on my computer Desktop. I write Tai Chi! in bold red letters on the date after I complete my daily session. Everytime I look at my Desktop, I get a nice positive feeling from seeing it there. It’s fun to put the entry in and then resave the Desktop so that the edit shows up. I guess I’ll blog with the image when I’ve finished.


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    7/27/2007 at 10:01 am

    Anita – I took a Tai Chi class a few years ago. It was only a 6-week class (once a week) and I think I attended 3 or 4 weeks. It is a nice discipline, but didn’t fit my own schedule at the time. Taking the class had been on my Someday/Maybe list for a long time though so I was excited when I saw it being offered.

    I’m also excited that I’ve been able to encourageme you. I wish you the best in your success. Be sure to keep me informed of your progress! I’m sure you will do well!

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