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Building Habits with Paper Clips – Day 4

I was able to add another paper clip to the chain this morning. It felt good too!

This morning was probably more of a challenge than most mornings will be, but I think that when you’re building a habit, it’s good to be challenged early and for the challenges to be a big ones. If you overcome the challenges early, it will be easier to overcome similar challenges later, and you also prepare yourself for even bigger challenges.

The alarm sounded at 6:30 am this morning. I promptly hit the snooze button. When it sounded again at 6:35 am, I cut it off, but decided that I would get up at 6:45 am. At 6:50 am, I figured that it was either now or never so I got up and quickly put on my walking clothes. Before I got out of the house, I heard thunder. I really didn’t want to walk in the rain. My goal is to walk 45-minutes a day for 40 days in a row, so I don’t have to do it in the morning. I might have been able to walk this evening, but looking at my schedule I didn’t have confidence that I would be able to do that either.

I knew that I would just have to press on through it. I put on an older pair of walking shoes that I didn’t mind getting wet, grabbed the poncho from the closet, and headed out the door. The cool morning air felt great! I was much more lucid this morning, unlike the meditative state that I was in yesterday morning. The storm clouds were a little north of us and appeared to be moving to the east. I was optimistic that it would go around us.

At about 15 minutes into my walk, it started sprinkling rain. I was already kind of hot by that time, so the cool droplets were a pleasant gift. It didn’t last long though and I didn’t need to put on the poncho. About 25 minutes later, it started sprinkling rain again, a little heavier than the first time, but still not quite heavy enough for me to need the poncho. I could have cut my walk short and still made my 45-minute goal, but I’ve been walking for nearly an hour and I decided to go ahead and finish my regular route since I was prepared if it did get worse. It didn’t get any worse though, so I was still glad I didn’t give in early.

When I made it home, I was rather proud of myself for sticking to my resolve and pushing through this. The next time it’s threatening rain, or even raining, it will be easier to “just do it.”

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