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Home Office Remodel – Before

I have been wanting to remodel my home office for a year or two now but it just didn’t seem to be “in the budget.” I’ve been looking at office furniture during that time and also thinking about what I might like to do with the walls and floor. These things quietly sat on my Someday/Maybe list as I subconsciously gathered information.

Last Friday I got a couple of coupons from Dell. My day job participates in the Dell Employee Purchase Program so I also get a generous discount through that. Just for fun I configured a new computer. With the coupons and the Dell EPP discount I would save over $900 on a $2000 computer. I couldn’t build it that cheap! My wife has started helping me in my own business and we really need another desktop computer so I seriously considered ordering this. But then if I get another desktop, I thought, we will need another desk.

While I was still in that mindset, I spent that Friday night and early Saturday morning looking at office furniture catalogs and using CadStd Pro to layout different configurations of potential furniture in the room. Getting everything that I felt I needed to fit in a 10′ x 13′ office was a real challenge—and easily excluded several of my options. Finally I found something that I liked that would also give me what I felt I needed and allow me to do what I wanted to do with it.

I had been thinking that it would be nice to rip up the ugly mauve carpet in the room and replace it with a laminate wood floor. My wife and I visited a few flooring and home improvement stores last Saturday to see what was available and what was involved in a do-it-yourself installation. We found a specialty store (Floors Today) that had much lower prices than the others and decided that if we did this, we would buy from them. It seemed that the installation wouldn’t be all that bad either.

I don’t like the yellowish-beige paint that’s on the walls either. While we were at the home improvement store I decided to go ahead and pick up some color swatches—Ive found myself rather attracted to taupe colors over the past couple years.

After all this research, I was really pumped up about the project. Although it still wasn’t in the budget I had to ask myself, “Am I holding the business back my not investing in a proper and dedicated work environment?” The answer was a resounding, “Yes!” This left me with another question, “Am I serious about the income goals I set for 2006?” The answer to that was also, “Yes!” It seemed that the only wan I could be true to my self, my goals, and my business was to move forward with the momentum I had already created.

I had scheduled to take the last week of the year off from my day job. A small amount of time spend mind mapping revealed that I could do everything in 4 days. I made the definite decision to go ahead and make my home office remodel happen. Here is my current plan:

  • Monday: Remove everything from the room. Tear off the baseboard. Prime the walls and trim.
  • Tuesday: Paint the walls and trim.
  • Wednesday: Rip up the carpet. Install the laminate wood floor and new baseboard. Office furniture will arrive.
  • Thursday: Assemble new furniture and move everything back in that needs to be in there. Set up new dual-monitor computer.

Since the crews of HGTV shows like Mission Organization, Weekend Warriors, and reDesign are on holiday next week, I’ve decided to just blog about the experience and post pictures and comments at flickr.

Check out my “Home Office Remodel – Before” pictures and notes at flickr.

I’m reading Organizing from the Inside Out by Julie Morganstern. As you organize each area she suggests that you ask yourself a few questions. The first two of these are, “What’s working?” and “What’s not working?” In my notes at the flickr site, you’ll find my answers to each of these questions. If you aren’t interested in all that, here are the before pictures of each of the four walls. Everything looks cluttered but it is actually quite well organized.

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    Michael Brown
    12/28/2005 at 4:55 pm

    Hi Ricky!

    I’ve been through this process myself. I’ve blogged about it; you can see the entries as I’ve included links below.

    Office MakeOver: http://www.solutionsathand.ca/blogs/2005-05-12
    DIY Monitor Riser: http://www.solutionsathand.ca/blogs/2005-10-20

    Best of Luck to you! Yes, having a productive environment really makes a huge difference.

    Happy New Year!


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