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Yesterday I shared that my primary tiddlers in my Home TiddlyWiki are: Home Tasks, HomeWaiting, HomeSomedayMaybe, HomeProjects, HomePreFlightChecklist, Errands, WeeklyCompass, and GoverningValues. Although I spend most of my home time working out of the Home Tasks tiddler I want to share my Tickler tiddler first since a lot of the stuff in my Home Tasks tiddler starts out here.

My Tickler tiddler works almost exactly like a desktop folder tickler file—I still use a desktop tickler file too for paper based reminders. The Tickler tiddler has replace the dated and repeating tasks that I used to do in Outlook, Palm Desktop, and DateBk5.

To layout the tiddler, I use a heading format for the month names and the days of the months, to correspond to the tabs on a file folder based tickler file. Each tickler item is a bulleted item underneath one of the headings. Here is how the TiddlyWiki markup looks (I’ve removed a lot of items for this example):

*Do HomePreFlightChecklist[++daily]


*(2006)Renew drivers license

*Change HVAC Filter[++1st day of month]
*Print and Mail Invoices[++1st day of month]


*Change bed linnens and flip/rotate mattress[++Saturday]
*Check email[++Saturday]
*Check email[++Saturday]
*Read all email[++Saturday]
*Record Vehicle Mileages[++Saturday]

*Do WeeklyReviewAndPlan[++Sunday]
*Backup PC[++Sunday]

*Give Heart Worm Pill to Muffin[5th day of month]























*Transfer payment to Visa[++monthly on 28th]


*1/1 Change Toothbrush[++Quarterly]
*1/1 File state Sales and Use Tax[++Quarterly]
*Find out when Battlestar Galactica starts again




*Change oil in mowers[++annually]
*Check air filter in mowers[++annually]




*Get Ranger inspected[++annually]



And here is how it looks in use (reduced by 50%):
Home Tickler Tiddler

Each evening, I open my Tickler tiddler in edit mode, copy everything for the next day and paste it into my Home Task List tiddler. Once I’ve done that I have a little work to do in the Tickler tiddler. Anything that repeats has its frequency in square brackets. I copy those to the next date that I want it to show up. If something doesn’t repeat again, I simply delete it. Once there is nothing listed under the heading for today’s date, I cut that heading and paste it into the sequence below the previous days date, just like I would move a file folder in a desktop tickler file.

In the example above, I will copy the task from the 30th for “Do HomePreFlightChecklist[++daily]” and paste it into my Home task tiddler. Then I will cut it from it’s location and paste it under the heading for the 1st. (The 30th is the last day of November so I don’t want to see that task again until the 1st.)

On December 1st I will see “(2006)Renew drivers license”. I don’t need to see this until December 2006 so I’ll just leave it with the heading and copy it down to the bottom of the file after the November heading.

I will also copy the two tasks from under the 1st heading “Change HVAC Filter[++1st day of month]” and “Print and Mail Invoices[++1st day of month]” and paste them in my Home task tiddler. I will then cut them and paste them and their heading below the “January” heading.

You probably have the hang of this now. Items marked “[++Saturday]” will be pasted under the date heding for the next Saturday date, on Saturday. Items marked “[++Sunday]” will be pasted under the date heading for the next Sunday date, on Sunday. And so on…

One of the things that I always wanted with my Palm task list was to have new items show up on the list on a certain day, but not show up as dated for that day. I just wanted them to appear then. This system allows me to do that quickly and easily. The steps above may sound like a lot of work, but in practice it takes less than 30 seconds, typically, even for days with a large number of repeating tasks.

I quit using alarms on my Palm tasks a long time ago as I realized that having alarms on my tasks just meant that I really didn’t trust my system. Life is much simpler without them. Alarms on appointements are still a great thing, however.

Next, I’ll describe how I use my Home Task list tiddler.

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    5/5/2008 at 12:54 pm

    Dear Mr. Spears,

    I have checked the great use you make of the tiddlers which I have tried to see if I can download a software about them unfortunately I did not succeeded.

    Can you please show me how can I access the tiddlers categories and use them on my personal PC?

    Thank you for any assistance you might provide.

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    5/7/2008 at 7:44 am

    Nathalie – I haven’t used TiddlyWiki in a couple years now. You may want to join the TiddlyWiki discussion group at:

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