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My Home Task List Tiddler

If I was following strict GTD then my Home Task List tiddler would just be a bulleted list of next actions. Since I am now doing an integrated FranklinCovey and GTD system, this list has a little more structure. It is divided into Must Do, Should Do, Could Do, Master Task List, and Completed. As I did with my Tickler Tiddler yesterday, I’ll share some TiddlyWiki markup and a sample screenshot.

To layout the tiddler, I use a heading format for the sections. Each next action is a bulleted item underneath one of these section headings. Here is how the TiddlyWiki markup looks (I’ve removed a lot of items for this example):

!A - Must Do

!B - Should Do

!C - Could Do

!Master Task List
*Read 48 Days newsletter
*Change HVAC Filter
*Print and Mail Invoices
*Plan Connecting People Time Management Class
*Upgrade BackupBuddy VFS
*Upgrade NoteStudio
*Start reading Snow Crash
*Blog about my integrated Covey/GTD/Tiddlywiki system
*Blog about my Tickler tiddler
*Blog about my Home Task tiddler

*Get and Distribute new Sunday School literature
*Do WeeklyReviewAndPlan[++Sunday]
*Clip fingernails
*Blog about Covey Focus seminar






And here is how it looks in use (reduced by 75%):
Home Task List Tiddler

Each evening as I plan my next day, I move all my incomplete next actions under the Master Task List section. I look over them and choose a few things that I deem to be most important and move them under the “A – Must Do” heading. Then I choose a few more that are the next most important and move them under the “B – Should Do” heading. Finally, I’ll choose a few more and move them under the “C – Could Do” heading. Everything else stays under the Master Task List category.

During the day I endeavor as much as possible to complete all the items on my “A” list and at least some of the items on my “B” list. I’ll get to the “C” list items if I can.

How do I know which things are most important? I determine those during my weekly review and plan on Sunday morning and add them to my “Weekly Compass” tiddler. I’ll blog about that later.

During the day I will occassionally do tasks from my “Master Task List” as dictated by my context, time available, energy available, and priority—so in that respect I’m true to this aspect of GTD.

As I complete things, I move them to the completed section at the bottom for the particular day of the week that I completed them. This comes in handy for the weekly review to see if I have any open loops that I have overlooked.

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